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Announcing DocSend’s new Chrome Extension

Get instant access to all your content wherever you are on the web with DocSend's new Chrome extension, available now in the Chrome Web Store.
DocSend for Chrome plugin

Instantly create links at any time, on any site

At DocSend HQ we use DocSend every day to power sales and marketing communications as well as our recruiting efforts. We’ve saved a ton of time the past few months using our Gmail extension to quickly send DocSend links in our emails.

Emails aren’t the only place we use DocSend though. Sometimes we’ll post case studies on social media or we’ll do sales or recruiting prospecting on LinkedIn. In these cases we’ve wanted a way to create links just as quickly as we do everyday in Gmail. And so we’ve created the DocSend for Chrome extension. It’s live in the Chrome Web Store now, and you can get started today.

First, a note for those currently using DocSend in Gmail via the Streak extension: as part of DocSend’s graduation to being a separate extension in its own right, DocSend will soon no longer be available within Streak. To continue using DocSend in Gmail (plus get access to all future updates to the extension!) go ahead and install DocSend for Chrome now.

Now to the good stuff: DocSend for Chrome places a button in your browser navigation bar that gives you instant access to all your documents for quick link creation, regardless of the site you’re on:

DocSend for Chrome

Finally: Insight into LinkedIn InMails

InMails. A very useful communication mechanism – when they work. That is, when you actually get a reply. Unlike email, where you can get all sorts of signals from the messages you send, ex. open rates, link clicks, and, of course, document engagement, InMails are sent off into a black hole until either of three things happens: 1) you get a reply (yay!); or 2) you get a “not interested” response; or 3) nothing. Sadly most messages end up in this third awkward purgatory bucket. You’re left wondering, “well, what happened?”

We’ve long recognized this opportunity for DocSend to help, but it wasn’t until now that we made it dead simple to use.

Send More and Type Less with Automatic Link Naming

Many of our users love that when creating links from the Gmail extension links are automatically named using the recipients in the to: and cc: fields of the message. With the new DocSend for Chrome extension you’ll get the same experience when sending LinkedIn InMails. The extension will automatically pull in the name of the person you’re messaging and name the link accordingly so that you can easily find it later in DocSend:

DocSend in LinkedIn

Plus, all this good stuff works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as well. Prospect away!

DocSend for Gmail Included

In case you didn’t have a chance to use DocSend within Gmail the first time around when it was bundled as part of the Streak extension, here’s a quick demo of how it works:

DocSend in Gmail

All of this is now part of the new DocSend for Chrome extension as well.

We’re thrilled to get DocSend for Chrome into your hands. (We’ve very much enjoyed having it ourselves!) Go ahead and give it a whirl. install now_750x140_large As always we’d love to hear your feedback! You can always reach us at [email protected]. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work to make DocSend as easy as possible to use, wherever you need it.