Our Advanced Plan has the state-of-the-art security features of virtual data rooms

Document watermarking, viewer verification and One-Click NDA for extra security.

Plan Highlights

Advanced Security

Enable viewer whitelisting and viewer verification to add an extra layer of security to your links.

Document Watermarking

Easily watermark an entire document or all the documents within a Space.

One-Click NDAs

Make it mandatory for someone to sign an NDA before viewing a confidential document.

Core Features

Unlimited Deal Rooms

Build lightweight deal rooms to manage the flow of information during a deal.

Teamwide Reporting

Track performance and document engagement across entire teams.

DocSend eSignature

Create and share signable documents in seconds.

Custom Branded Subdomain & Document Viewer

Add your own logo and company name to your document viewer and subdomain for a professional look.

Mail-Merge Support

Use a single DocSend link for marketing drip campaigns and track unique engagement for each recipient.

Advanced File Types

Share videos, gifs, spreadsheets and audio files that be downloaded by viewers.

Team Folders

Organize documents by team for easy access.

Internal Shared Links

Share DocSend links within your organization and get the same level of insight you would when sharing externally.

Tiered Admin Roles

Assign admin roles to help manage everything in DocSend except for billing.

Secure Sharing & Storage

Unlock 50GB of secure storage and upload files up to 2 GB in size.

Gmail & Outlook Extensions

Create and share secure DocSend links directly from Gmail and Outlook.

Priority Email & Phone Support

Receive email and phone support for any issues with your DocSend account delivered 7 days a week.

Get the DocSend Edge and Deal Intelligently